The Mill is open in 2022

In peak season (i April -1 October) the mill is open: Wednesdays 4-8 pm.

We also welcome guests if the mill is working at other times - so

please drop in if the flags are raised.

We sell freshly milled flour - usually made from organic grain. We sell coffee, tea, beer and soft drinks. Tables and benches are available.

Ample parking and toilet facilities. The mill will be working on these days if wind conditions allow.

The history of Kanehøj Mill

It is uncertain how long this site has been home to a mill, but a map from 1772 clearly indicates 'Kanehoys M'. This mill, which was a post mill, was part of Gerdrup Manor and burnt down in 1880.

The current mill was built already a year later, in 1881. It is a typical 'Dutch mill', i.e. an octagonal wooden construction, built on a square brick base. On top, it has a revolving cap on which the sails are mounted. The mill automatically keeps in the wind, i.e. it turns its sails into the wind itself.

In 1884, miller Carl Kristiansen was given a deed of tenure for the mill which still belonged to Gerdrup Manor, and on Carl Kristiansen's death in 1901, his son Hans Kristiansen took over the mill. He bought the freehold in 1916.

Knud Kristiansen, Hans Kristiansen's son, took over the mill in 1934 and ran it until 1961 when Hans Kristiansen, his son, took over and ran the mill which he transferred by deed of gift to Kanehøj Millers Guild in 1982. A bakery was associated with the mill - as was the custom with working mills.


Kanehøj Bread Factory was a well-known business in the area until it closed when Hans Kristiansen retired in 1992.

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